Trip Summary

Steffen's Rum River Guide Service is now offering full-service guided bow fishing trips throughout the Rum and Mississippi River. Our fully guided bow fishing trips will start with meeting your guide at the designated boat ramp 30 minutes before sunset. Your guide will make sure everyone is familiar with their equipment, how to safely shoot, and how to set up their bow before every shot. The guide will work with you on how to identify the rough fish that are allowed to be shot from the game fish that cannot be shot at. In Minnesota we are legally allowed to shoot carp, dogfish, and bullheads, that is the majority of the fish that we are targeting while on the water. After everyone is comfortable shooting and understands the basics of bow fishing, we will turn on the LED boat lights and head out onto the river. When the trip is complete the guide will dispose of the fish that you do not want to keep.

WARNING - Just like any shooting sport there is a risk when participating in bow fishing. Dry firing your bow can result in injury for yourself and the people around you. Please be aware of where you are shooting and always be pointing your bow into the water at all times. Remember if you don't have a clear shot of your target or you cross shooting lanes with the other shooter... DON'T SHOOT!


Our bow fishing package involves everything you need to get out on the water. All shooters will be using PSE bows with an attached AMS bow fishing reel. The guide will provide a bow fishing boat with modern LED lights, a PFD, snacks, and soft drinks. The bugs are always a factor when you activate the lights on the water. Therefore, wearing pants, long sleeves, and a gator mask is smart to keep the bugs off your skin and face. All you need to worry about is packing a valid MN fishing license.

Damage Fees/Equipment replacement fees may apply to any damage done to the boat or the bows. This includes dry firing the bow or dropping the bow into the water where we cannot retrieve it. A loss of arrows will not count as a loss of equipment, that is a part of the sport and out of your control.


2 Hour Trip - $175

4 Hour Trip - $300

These trips are for 1-2 people only.